Quarry Depot

Always on time and ready to go

Who are we?

A stockyard for various forms of aggregates specifically for the construction and roading industries. We are experts at managing loading and stockpiling to ensure material is always on hand as required for the various projects underway in the Auckland region. Our understanding of the market requirements ensure that we always meet the demand with quality material. Our agnostic supply lines mean we are cost competitive across all products. We are agile and strategic with how we work and supply our project partners. Strategically central locations mean easy access.

Big or small, we can do it all

At Quarry Depot®, we cater for all sizes of projects. Whether it’s 10,000 tonnes or 5 tonnes, we’re there for you and ready with your load. We pride ourselves on supplying great stock with a great turnaround.

Great products at great prices

We work hard to get you the best product at a great price, and have it ready when you are. Contact one of our friendly team members using any of the links below to find out more about our products or to request a quote.

Always stocked and ready to go

We ensure that our core stock is always available to – no surprises and no mad rushes to get the stock you need. So even if it’s a last minute emergency, we’re always willing and able to help you out.

We keep your project running smoothly

We know that with any project, even the best laid plans can go astray. That’s why we’ve built in communication systems and stocking procedures to ensure there are never any hold ups, and that we’re always on call for you.

Central supply & easy access

Both a truck driver’s and project manager’s dream – easy access with minimal time on the road. That’s why we’re always available for you at two strategic Auckland locations with easy motorway access, right where you need it most.

Western Yard

180 Fred Taylor Drive, Whenuapai, Auckland 0814
Phone: +64 9 416 8808
Message: Quarry Depot West

Southern Yard

25 Noel Burnside Road, Wiri, Auckland 2025
Phone: +64 9 250 4791
Message: Quarry Depot South


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