In the Beginning

Over 100 years in the family

We’re an Auckland trucking company that’s celebrating a landmark 50 years of existence.

We honour the remarkable development of a company that started out with just one truck in small town Waiuku in 1967, and was still at less than 20 trucks 25 years later…
Fast forward another 25 years and you’ll see we have experienced spectacular growth at an ever-increasing rate – to the point where our fleet of distinctive red and blue trucks, in its 50th Year, numbers around 110.
We have evolved from our modest beginnings with a second hand Dodge doing a cream run on the Awhitu Peninsula, into one of the industry’s biggest and most visible privately-owned fleets, now long time based in Wiri, South Auckland. We have been involved in almost every major infrastructure development in Auckland and North Waikato and we don’t intend on stopping any time soon. In fact, we plan on being around another 50 years and we’d love for you to join our journey!
Read on through Our Story to learn more about Gleeson & Cox’s journey so far, which is full of perseverance, growth, setbacks and success.

“They call us the ‘minute men’, because you see a Gleeson & Cox truck every minute, driving down the motorway.”

– James Gleeson