Our Environmental Credentials

Our Environmental Credentials

Gleeson & Cox are committed to a sustainable future for our environment and community.

At Gleeson & Cox we have recognised a responsibility to do our part in promoting a sustainable New Zealand. Our vision is to continually reduce our carbon footprint and we will achieve this by implementing sustainability processes and governance systems that target the delivery of this vision.

Gleeson and Cox has signed up to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Workshop Programme. Through this initiative we have implemented the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand (SAFED NZ) driver development course for truck drivers. The SAFED course involves one day of intensive training in SAFED driving techniques that improve fuel efficiency and safety.

SAFED training helps us achieve positive environmental and sustainable outcomes by:
  • reducing CO2 emissions,
  • improving safety,
  • creating staff engagement and awareness,
  • retaining good drivers and
  • reducing fuel and maintenance costs

The Gleeson& Cox workshop is also hard at work to ensure our trucks are in optimal condition to maximise fuel efficiency. Maintenance is a key factor in ensuring an efficient fleet and at Gleeson & Cox we run the best workshop in New Zealand.

These initiatives are extremely important as the main two factors affecting fuel efficiency are truck condition and driver performance.

Guiding us through our sustainability journey is Jim Pollard from Fleet Focus.

“Fleet Focus Ltd have been assisting Gleeson and Cox deliver a Fuel Efficiency Program to the drivers operating vehicles involved with the City Rail Link (CRLL) contract. The company is already showing great success in their fuel savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Communication is a key part of the program and it has been a pleasure working with Gleeson & Cox who have embraced the program throughout the company.”

Jim Pollard, Fleet Focus Ltd

EECA Approved Fuel Management Advisor

Sustainability Achievements on Live Projects:

Congratulations to CRL(City Rail Link) for winning the Large Energy User’s Award at the 2018 Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards for initiatives to reduce energy emissions. Gleeson and Cox worked closely with CRL and EECA to implement a fuel efficiency programme for haulage, targeting, achieving and reporting on reductions in the emissions associated with excavating the CRL tunnels.

Gleeson & Cox’s work on the CRL Project is a practical example of how sustainability initiatives can be applied to a live infrastructure project with drivers SAFED trained, trucks maintained to the highest level and reporting of KPI’s seamless.

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