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Huntly Quarry

A new addition to the Gleeson Group with stock piles of aggregate ready to go. Located in the Waikato, Huntly is a small town with a beautiful lake that houses our large body of land with tons and tons of material to last us a generation and beyond. Shawn Mclean, our quarry manager and his team strategically work to supply our current partners with the best quality aggregate located accessibly in Huntly, by State Highway 1. Meaning easy access and quick delivery.

Big or small, we can do it all.

At Gleeson Quarries, we cater for all sizes of projects. Whether it’s 10,000 tonnes or 5 tonnes, we’re there for you and ready with your load. We pride ourselves on supplying great stock with a great turnaround.

Great products at great prices.

We work hard to get you the best product at a great price, and have it ready when you are. Contact one of our friendly team members using any of the links below to find out more about our products or to request a quote.

Quarry History

The Huntly Quarry roughly opened in the 1940’s, owned by the Raglan County Council and operated by The Roose Shipping Company. In 1981, Stevenson’s purchased all shares off The Roose Shipping Company starting a new era for the quarry as Stevenson’s – Mercer and Huntly. Business was good as road works in the area were increasing. Unfortunately, the old plant that was there was struggling to keep up to demand and in 1999 a new plant was built to double the output from 1200 meter a day to 2500 meters.

The Quarry at Present

In late 2018, the Huntly Quarry was acquired by the Gleeson Group. The quarry is operated by Shawn Mclean who began his career with Stevenson’s Mining as a dump truck operator, working there for a number of years. Later, he joined Stevenson Huntly Quarry in 2005 and built up his quarry experience under the tutelage of highly respected former Quarry Manager; Pat Wallbank, eventually gaining his A Grade Quarry Manager’s Certificate. Now as Huntly Quarry Manager, Shawn has a team of over 25 reporting to him and is a member of IOQ NZ (Institute of Quarries) Waikato/Bay of Plenty branch.

Huntly Quarry is undergoing big growth in demand for its aggregate with the new Waikato expressway projects underway. Our new pugmill, or continuous mixing plant, is a valuable asset to us and to the contractors using its modified aggregates in roading construction. It’s a great opportunity for me. I just love my job. – Shawn Mclean

Always stocked and ready to go

We ensure that our core stock is always available to – no surprises and no mad rushes to get the stock you need. So even if it’s a last minute emergency, we’re always willing and able to help you out.

We keep your project running smoothly

We know that with any project, even the best laid plans can go astray. That’s why we’ve built in communication systems and stocking procedures to ensure there are never any hold ups, and that we’re always on call for you.

Easy Access

Both a truck driver’s and project manager’s dream – easy access with minimal time on the road. That’s why we’re always available for you with easy access to State Highway 1, right where you need it most.

Huntly Quarry

 300 Riverview Road, Huntly 3771
Phone: +64 7 9025107
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